The Food Film Festival is back for its 13th consecutive year in New York City! We hope to see you in October for an unforgettable festival. Festival Tickets and VIP Passes are all-inclusive of screening, food and beverage. The Food Film Festival is proud to support the Billion Oyster Project and the fine work it does in the waterways of New York City.

A limited number of Early Bird Festival-Wide VIP Passes are available now for pre-sale.

official selections - THE FOOD FILM FESTIVAL / NYC / 2019

Arctic Greens
Dirs. Olivia Rempel and Craig Hickerson, 5:00
Locally grown lettuce takes root among the snow and ice in Greenland’s capital city, thanks to one innovative couple and their home-built hydroponic greenhouse.

Bayou Brilliant
World Premiere
Dirs. Nathan Lippy and CJ Frazier, 9:30
Bruce "The Alligator Man" Mitchell takes you on a tour of authentic "Bayou Life". From Jug Lining Catfish to hand-made Bayou Butter, Bruce shares his view of true Louisiana Swamp Lifestyle. "A lot of people don't understand this way of life...It's a way of survivin' you know." - Bruce Mitchell

Black Sesame
Dir. Jennifer Davick, 1:51
Chef Maya Erickson’s Black Sesame Dessert
Stylized, Sexy, Provocative and Decadent. Everything you would expect from a grandmother’s recipe.

Brooklyn Bugs: Evolving Our Taste for Edible Insects
Dir. Liza Mosquito deGuia, 11:46
Meet Joseph Yoon, the chef and executive director behind Brooklyn Bugs - as edible insect advocates, they are helping to carve a path for delicious ento-cuisine into North American diets. One bug at a time.

Dir. Paulina Lagudi, 4:30
Chef Christophe Bonnegrace takes us on a quick journey into the sacrifices it takes to be a chef.

Distance - Short Stories About Food
Dir. Luigi Capasso, 13:42
Affection, affair, contribution. Recounted through the gracious act of cooking. The visual work explores the poetry, the density and strength of tradition.

Donut People
Dir. Keeley Steenson, 11:46
In Texas, Cambodians own an estimated 95% of the donut shops. Interviews with immigrants and their children offer insights into the lives and expertise of Texas Cambodian donut shop owners, and a glimpse of the future, with new gourmet donuts and hip baristas.

World Premiere
Dir. Nando Esteva, 2;12
Tomeu Arbona’s bakery discovers a fascinating world of recipes recovered from old cookbooks - sweets that had practically disappeared, and traditional creations made using bygone techniques. Arbona is a faithful defender of Mallorca’s gastronomic culture and the island.

Dir. Rachel Fleit, 11:05
Gefilte...It's not about the fish.

Joe Loves Ice Cream - A Tale of Two Rivers
Dir. Cassie Ahiers, 5:33
Joe Friedman combines comedy and ice cream as he hits the road in his beautiful 2003 Toyota Camry on a FroZen celebration of his one true love.

Llama Inn: Exposing New Yorkers to Hard-to-Find Modern Peruvian Nikkei Cuisine
US Premiere
Dir. Liza Mosquito deGuia, 7:45
Experience the unique tasting menu of Llama San, Chef Erik Ramirez' electrifying journey into Japanese Peruvian Nikkei fusion cuisine, a food that’s celebrated internationally, but truly hard to find in New York.

Put an Egg on it: Struggle Meals with Frankie Celenza
Dir. Frankie Celenza, 3:37
What do leftover rice and ramen noodles have in common? They're both cheap AF and can be upgraded into a real meal with the help of one simple addition — an egg.

Ramen Possessed
Dir. Bryan Moebius, 5:40
A short documentary about the closing of a beloved ramen shop - Ramen Shack, and its Chef and ramen extraordinaire, Keizo Shimamoto

The Lee Chin Show - Tamale Taste Test
Dir. Pavel Ezrohi, 3:49
The Lee Chin Show is here to get to the bottom of all of your food arguments, Maury-style.

The Sturgeon Queens
Dir: Julie Cohen, 51:36
Four generations of a Jewish immigrant family create Russ and Daughters, a Lower East Side lox and herring emporium that survives and thrives. This documentary features an extensive interview with two of the original daughters for whom the store was named, now 100 and 92 years old, and interviews with prominent enthusiasts of the store including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, and 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer.

The Ultimate Texas Burger Road Trip
World Premiere
Dir. Justin Bolois
Burger Scholar George Motz takes Burger Show host Alvin Cailan on a tour of Texas' finest burger establishments.

What’s Eating Dan? Garlic Bread.
Dir. Dan Souza, 4:32
Chances are you use garlic in your cooking almost everyday. But did you know you can alter the amount of garlic flavor in a dish depending how you slice it? Dan explains the science of garlic flavor and how to make the best possible garlic bread.