Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You mean, How can you ACTUALLY taste what you're seeing on the screen from your theatre seat? Well, once you sit down for the screening portion of the event, a pre-selected series of film (or one film) will begin playing. At the exact moment you see something unbearably delicious flash across the screen and your stomach starts to grumble, that's when our team of trained Volunteers flood the aisles of the theatre to bring you exactly that dish to eat while you watch. 

Who cooks the food?

In most cases we're able to bring in the chefs featured in the films so the food your eating truly is exactly what you see on the screen! If that's impossible, we'll incorporate talented local chefs to replicate the dish. At each screening we place a menu in every seat that details the dishes served and who is making them. 

How much food will be served at the events?

A LOT. These events are designed to let you sample from many different chefs, restaurants, cuisines, and cultures. Don't make a dinner reservation - you'll definitely go home full.

I have specific dietary restrictions. Will there be anything I can eat?

Each of our events features a unique menu. Your best bet is to email us directly and let us know the details of your needs before you buy tickets!

Is the Food Film Fest coming to my town this year?

Our only annual event is in NYC each October. We travel to other cities worldwide throughout the rest of the year. That schedule is constantly changing and is based on a mix of public interest, sponsor and partner interests, and our own availability. 

If you'd like to see The Food Film Fest come to your city, please do ... 

Most of your events seem to be 21+. I’m a filmmaker and want to submit, but I’m not 21. Is that OK?

Yes! Artists come in all shapes and sizes and we want to see your work no matter how old you are. If your film is selected and you’re able to attend the screening, we’ll give you a filmmaker badge and a wrist-band that lets our bartenders know not to serve you.