Looking Back - 10 Years

10 years and 90 events later I think we may have finally gotten the hang of this thing. And we can tell by the way food filmmaking has propagated the planet that clearly, back in 2007, we were on to something. We've learned much along the way, met and worked with hundreds of passionate filmmakers, chefs, restaurant and food professionals…not to mention incredible volunteers, staffers, sponsors, charity partners and our families. This incredible group of humans has made the Food Film Fest more than just another film festival.

When we started the Food Film Fest back in 2007, it was a nothing but a crazy idea, ill-executed, and not very well received. There was no road map. Hell, there wasn't even a damn road and most of the time in the early days we honestly had no idea where we were going. We made up our own rules, blazed our own path and today we are proud to say that whatever it is, it’s ours and it works. We’ve discovered a new way to study and present foodways from around the globe without being heavy-handed.

Our festival is not a corporate endeavor - it’s a soulful cultural event with the celebration of food and people who make food at it’s core. We also like to party. Sometimes people in the food and film industries need to cut loose and we refuse to take ourselves too seriously. The Food Film Fest is our playground.

What has come out of that playground and party is not just a splitting hangover but deep, meaningful relationships that have in some cases endured a decade. We have proudly built not a company but a family. A family that knows how to fight, struggle and succeed. 

May the next 10 years be as meaningful and challenging as the last 10. And remember that we all need to eat, and most of us want to eat well. Get it on film.

George Motz
Director + Founder - The Food Film Festival