The Food Film Festival 2016:
Tickets on Sale now!

We are thrilled to announce the full lineup of events at this year's Food Film Festival in NYC!
Read on for more details and buy your tickets today! 

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The Events

Opening Night: Best of a Decade!
Presented by Schweid & Sons

Thursday, October 20th - 7 pm, (VIP Party at 6:15 pm)
VIP $100, GA $75

Opening night features some of the best food films ever featured at The Food Film Festival and the transcendent dishes they highlight. Don’t miss tastes from Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy, The Brooklyn Star, Max & Mina’s Ice Cream, and Finissimo Mandorlato from Italy.

Films: Fondue, Fried Pig Tails and Corn, How to Make a Turtle Burger, How to Prepare for a Midwinter Soup Frenzy, Ice Cream Picasso, Mexican Cuisine, Pork Chop, That’s Mandorlato, Vegetables: Friend or Foe?, What’s Virgin Mean, XXX

After-Party featuring a 10-year retrospective of dishes, memories, and Food Film Fest moments.


Edible Adventure #015: The Taste of Louisiana

Friday, October 21st - 8 pm, (VIP Party at 7:15 pm)
VIP $115, GA $85

The 15th installment of the Edible Adventure Series features delectable food films about pickles, pizza, peaches and more!

Films: 1 Minute Meal: Crust Fund, How the Taste of Louisiana was Born, Sweet, Sour, Dill, and everything in Between, The Cobbler and the Diamond, Volcano Bread

After-Party featuring true Louisiana Black Pot gumbo, Boucherie and more. This mashup of traditions will be served up by some of the very best chefs Louisiana has to offer!


The Food Porn Party
Presented by In The Raw

Saturday, October 22nd - 8 pm, (VIP Party at 7:15 pm)
VIP $125, GA $95

The Food Porn Party returns for another steamy night of extreme eats, close-ups, and  a visit from the World’s First Food Porn Star himself - Larry Caldwell.

Films: A Year in the Life, Cous Cous with Mackerel, Napalm Chicken, and more ...

After-Party featuring signature food-burlesque performances, and more.


Eat Japan!

Sunday, October 23rd - 7pm, (VIP Party at 6:15 pm)
VIP $115, GA $85

Experience the sights, smells, and tastes of the unique and unforgettable wonders found only in the brilliantly lit mazes that are Japanese street markets, right here in NYC!

Films: 1 Minute Meal: Into my Alms, Iced Coffee in the Japanese Method, “Sakurada” Zen Chef

After-Party featuring Brooklyn’s own Ramen Master, Chef Keizo Shimamoto and the unofficial king of takoyaki, Chef Karl Palma. Plus, the mysterious “Chef Nigo” who rocked NYC last summer with his mind-blowing Tsukemen pop-up will be serving up one last opportunity to try his masterpiece dish. Will he take off his mask and reveal his identity?!