2016 Food Film Festival Award Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the coveted Slotted Spoon Awards for the 2016 Food Film Festival in New York City. 
Congratulations, Filmmakers! 

The Award Winners

Best Short Film Award
Sakurada Zen Chef, Dir. Hirokazu Kishida

Schweid & Sons Best Super-Short Film Award
Volcano Bread, Dir. Alison Grasso

In the Raw Best Food Porn Award
Chocolate Babka Assembly is Unbelievably Beautiful, Dir. Maureen Giannone

NY Distilling Co. Audience Choice Award
Sakurada Zen Chef, Dir. Hirokazu Kishida

Food Filmmaker of the Year Award
Thomas BarnesPork Chop

Bloomberg Made in NYC Award
Sweet, Sour, Dill, and Everything in Between, Dir. Justine Miller

The Food Film Festival Ladel of Dedication
Fletcher Chenn, Kitchen Assistant - 10 years and counting