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The Food Film Festival
New York City 2017

Hello, NYC! 

The Food Film Festival is back for its 11th consecutive year in New York City! We hope to see you in October at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square for four unforgettable events. This year, we have some of the best Food Films we've seen to date, off-the-charts food and drink, and much, much more!  


Thursday, October 19 | 7pm, VIP 6:15 pm
GA $95
Opening night of the festival will be a dazzling evening filled with the dishes that both inspired and were inspired by the life of America’s First Foodie, the incomparable James Beard. 
Film: James Beard: America’s First Foodie
This event will feature dishes inspired by James Beard as well as recipes he created, including his signature burger and famed onion sandwich.



Hometown Heros: Chopped Cheese & More

unnamed (9).jpg

Presented by Schweid & Sons
Friday, October 20 | 7pm, VIP 6:15 pm
GA $75

This night  is all about hometown favorites - the sandwiches, the heros, the hoagies, the subs -  the guilty pleasures and decadent delicacies you can’t live without! 
Films: 1 Minute Meal: A Documentary Portrait of NYC, The Science of Dry Aging, Seared, Sacred Gin, Hometown Hero: The Legend of New York’s Chopped Cheese, Why Rappers Love Grey Poupon
Join us after the films to eat, drink and meet the Festival chefs, purveyors and partners.



The Food Porn Party: Tampopo


Presented by In The Raw
Saturday, October 21 | 7pm, VIP 6:15 pm
The Food Porn Party returns like you’ve never seen it before! Featuring one of the best food films ever made: Tampopo. This 1985 cult classic from Japan must be seen (and tasted) to be believed.
Films: Taste of Love, Tampopo
After the films, enjoy decadent dishes, signature food-burlesque performances, and more!



For the Love of Brunch!


Sunday, October 22 | 12pm
GA $45
Where else would  you be on a Sunday afternoon? Don’t miss this veritable midday feast as we unleash a series of beautiful films all celebrating America’s favorite meal: Brunch! 
Films: The Hungover Origins of Brunch, Come Have an Omelet with Me, Breads Bakery - Amour d’Rugelach, How to Taste Beer in Oakland, Sweet Funk, Slingers, Cooking with Dr. Taquito: 3 Ingredient Pancakes, Finding Pisco, Snooker Loopy, This is Not Carrot Cake, Wagashi
After-Party featuring all your brunch favorites!


The Films

1 Minute Meal: A Documentary Portrait of NYC
Dir. James Boo, 7 mins
1 Minute Meal is a collection of 60+ documentaries that use food to reveal the communities, legacies, dreams, realities, and unseen forces that shape life in New York City. The purpose of this work is to create a more inclusive and dignified media portrayal of American diversity.
Watch the trailer

Breads Bakery - Amour d’Rugelach
Dir. P. Kevin O’Leary, 2 mins
A sumptuous dessert is born on the foundation of a timeless bakery staple.

Come Have an Omelet with Me
Dir. Stephen Neary, 1 min
A very short animation about the love of omelets.

Cooking with Dr. Taquito: 3 Ingredient Pancakes
Dirs. Liz & Jimmy Reed, 2 mins
Learn some killer cooking tips with evil genius, Dr. Taquito.

Finding Pisco
Dir. Aaron Straight, 4 mins, US Premiere
Tucked into the river valleys of rural Peru there are legendary men & woman who distill a powerful and misunderstood clear liquor made only from grapes. This is the journey of two best friends to find them.

Hometown Hero: The Legend of New York’s Chopped Cheese
Dirs. Justin Bolois & David Matthews, 19 mins, Theatrical Premiere
If you want to understand New York on a deeper level, then you have to understand the story of the chopped cheese — a hyper-regional sandwich and the secret handshake of NYC's bodega cognoscenti.
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How To Taste Beer in Oakland
Dir. Iden Baghdadchi, 1 min, World Premiere
A primer on how to drink beer. 

James Beard: America's First Foodie
Dir. Elizabeth Federici, 54 mins
America's First Foodie chronicles the American food movement through the lens of its founding father James Beard.
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Sacred Gin
Dir. William Shaw, 2 mins, US Premiere
This film shows the dream of one man to produce a high quality gin from his own sitting room.

Dir. Ben Gustafson, 8 mins
Beaten by a life of injustice and crime, a young man's plan to end it all turns into a life of renewed hope and a passionate career as a chef.

Dir. Adam Edwards, 15 mins, NYC Premiere
Slingers is a short documentary that explores the life of a small town beekeeper and his struggles to harvest an annual crop of nature's gold; honey.
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Snooker Loopy
Dir. Peter Flanek & Peter Mészáros, 2 mins
Stop motion animation for a Budapest based gastro market.

Sweet Funk
Dir. Charles Grantham, 2 mins, World Premiere
Sweet Funk is Food Porn Star Larry Cauldwell's exploration of charcuterie. With his characteristic sexiness and expertise Larry takes viewers on a journey into sweet funky meat that they'll never forget.

Dir. Juzo Itami, 114 mins
The tale of an enigmatic band of ramen ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe, Tampopo serves up a savory broth of culinary adventure seasoned with offbeat comedy sketches and the erotic exploits of a gastronome gangster. Sweet, sexy, surreal, and mouthwatering, Tampopo remains one of the most delectable examples of food on film.
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Taste of Love
Dir. Paul Scheufler , 5 mins, US Premiere
A girl embarks on an aromatic journey of love, while stimulating her taste buds to the point of climax, she explores and discovers the various forms love can take on. 
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The Hungover Origins of Brunch
Dir. Great Big Story, 2 mins
Brunch: the best meal of the week. But...where did this weekend tradition come from? 

The Science of Dry Aging
Dir. George Motz, 8 mins, World Premiere
Go deep with Certified Angus Beef brand’s meat scientist, DeBragga’s Marc Sarrazin and others exploring the magic of dry-aged beef.

This is Not Carrot Cake
Dir. Nate Mook, 2 mins
The traditional dish re-imagined by Chef José Andrés and the team at two-Michelin star restaurant Minibar.

Dir. Hiro Ishikawa, 8 mins
Discover a Japanese cultural tradition with Junichiro Tanizaki’s philosophy and aesthetic.
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Why Rappers Love Grey Poupon
Dir. Estelle Caswell, 10 mins
Hip hop is a music genre that is known for its wordplay, double entendres, and pop culture references. Every few months a phrase goes viral because of a hit song or an everyday word takes on new meaning because it was rapped in a clever way. The popularity of these words can last a few months, or even a year, but sometimes a rare few can last for generations. That’s the case for Grey Poupon. You know, the bougie white wine mustard? “Why Rappers Love Grey Poupon” is an ode to that fancy mustard and the many delightful and nonsensical rap verses that reference it.


*This list may be subject to change*


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The Fine Print

All events will take place at:
AMC Empire 25
234 W 42nd St.
New York, NY 10036

Note: Details are subject to change without notice.
Film screenings begin 15 minutes after General Admission doors open.

All Festival events are 21+

Peanuts, nuts and other food allergens may be present in the food served at The Festival.  Although we make every effort to keep these items separated, we cannot guarantee that the food served will be free of the 8 major allergens identified by the FDA.

By entering and by your presence here you consent to be photographed, filmed, and recorded and acknowledge that such films and recordings of you may be used in any and all media and for any purpose throughout the universe in perpetuity without compensation or credit to you. You understand that all photography, filming, and recording will be done in reliance of this consent given by you.


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